Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Green Galore

I told you I would post about my favorite blogs, but plans have changed. I'm in a room re-design mood :D Over this Thanksgiving break I'm re-doing my room & I'm very excited! Right now it's very this and that with no specific color scheme. I have a twin bed and this weekend I'm upgrading to a queen bed :) I got the mattress and box spring brand new from Craiglist for $140- what a steal- And I bought a new bedding off of Ebay for $40 + S&H. Now i have a new bed and complete bedding set for about $200. I'm so inspired by these rooms & this is the theme i want to go for:

And this is the bedding i bought from Ebay- it comes with everything you see there minus the 3 pillows in the front

p.s. check back tomorrow for a Special Thanksgiving Post :D Byeeee


Annie said...

Oh, what a great deal!

Anonymous said...

I love the look that you're going for. I've just finished re-doing my bedroom/craft room. :)

Dawn Elizableth said...

I love the color scheme!

Ashley L. said...

I love the first set! So cute! and My what a steal! :)