Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back Again

I haven't posted in SOOOOOOO long. I've been really busy from getting back to school, winter break and a lot of other plans on the side. Anyway, I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas/ Hanukkah and an exciting new year! I didn't travel anywhere, but my mom and sister went to Colorado for the holidays to vist family. But in the spirit of only watching HGTV over break my post today is a revealing of my room redesign that took place weeks and weeks ago. I'm sad that I'm just now getting around to posting, but I promise I'll get back into the swing of things soon enough. So first things.... (first):

the first picture is me in my room :) then the 2nd one is a full shot of my room. you like?

1st: my dresser + accessories
2nd: dresser across from the bed

So keep staying tuned + there'll be many more posts to come. Thank You + Happy New Year!

Au Revior,


Dawn Elizableth said...

Wow the room looks great and I'm soooo jealous of how neat it is!

Dallas Shaw said...

adorable, you need some artwork in there ;) I'm going to keep you in mind for those future projects...

Dallas Shaw said...

you won a little something at my blog! need your email!

daydream lily said...

hello, i just stumbled upon your blog and its very pretty, adore the banner, nice bedroom too :-)


Ann Marie said...

your blog is so beautiful! i love that you are a violinist...i'm obsessed lately with all things violin. been listening to bach's violin concertos non-stop. anyway, love your blog, and look forward to more posts!

Philosophie said...

thank you ann marie. i stopped posting a year ago! i'm going to bring back this blog. thank you so much!